Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Is The Most Searched Term On The Web?

What is the most searched keyword or term on the Web? What is that word that the global netizens usually type on their browsers the moment they turn on their computer?

The answer is Facebook.

Not exactly that the people search the Web for items or news related to Facebook. They already know exactly where to go to. They want to login to Facebook. It's just that they are, perhaps, lazy to type "facebook.com" or "www.facebook.com" on the URL address bar or search bar. They also have not bookmarked the Facebook website, or have not set it as their default home page on their browsers. It could have been easier for them. Yet, they prefer typing on the search bar or URL address bar. Perhaps, it is more convenient for them.

The irony is, the words that the Facebook users actually type are "login facebook", not just "facebook". Typing "facebook.com" could have been easier and shorter. It skips the search engine results page (SERP) and it brings you immediately to the Facebook site. Otherwise, simply type "facebook" and surely, Facebook would be on the SERP list.

Who Are The Top 10 Heavy Users of Facebook?

If you cannot see the chart below, the following countries are most likely the top 10 users, in that order, of Facebook: Turkey, Venezuela, Tunisia, Italy, Albania, Colombia, Malaysia, Croatia, France, and Bosnia And Herzegovina.